IKEA® A la Carte Cabinetry

Introducing our new IKEA inspired services, “A’ la carte”.

We are now offering in conjunction with our own custom cabinetry; design, assembly, and installation of IKEA A la Carte cabinetry and furniture. Our motivation behind this service is just that, service. Over the years client inquiries regarding IKEA cabinetry prompted us to research IKEA and their cabinet systems and finally develop a service that helps our clients extract all the benefits and value of using and enjoying IKEA

Beaulieu’s award-winning design expertise and many years of technical experience will guide you through the design, assemble and install your new IKEA kitchen, bathroom, laundry room or children’s playroom. The design possibilities are nearly endless. The assembly and installation of your new IKEA cabinetry can be tricky. There are hundreds of component parts and consideration of every detail is a must. Assembling the cabinetry in a controlled environment ensures a successful start to your project.

Having experienced cabinet makers and installers install your cabinetry promises a great looking kitchen that will last. With any design, often there are customizations that need to be done. Whether it is as simple as installing a filler to make up a distance or a modification to an IKEA cabinet, we are cabinet makers. We can combine our own cabinetry or modify IKEA® assembled cabinetry to fit your space.

It is all about the details.

Creating a space that works for you and a space that looks great is our goal. We can use our own cabinet accessories or third-party accessories to truly customize your IKEA® project. We have a broad knowledge of what is available for cabinet accessories that will make your kitchen work efficiently for you. If you are looking for that truly custom look we can get creative with our own cabinetry, IKEA modifications, specialty wood or metal veneers, painted finishes, different door styles, and wood species. Remember we are cabinet makers and designers, we are only limited by our imagination.

Space Planning and Layout of IKEA Cabinets

We have a great team for you here at Beaulieu Cabinetry. We offer years of award-winning design experience. We are cabinetmakers who for over 40 years have built the finest custom cabinetry in the area. We are a service driven company, eager to please our clients with genuine character, expertise and professionalism. IKEA’s cabinetry and furniture has the flexibility to be used in many creative ways.

At Beaulieu we have the know how to utilize each piece in a way that will enhance your space astatically and functionally.

We love designing.

Beaulieu has created hundreds of beautiful spaces and knows that any great project starts with a great plan. Our design service is a flat fee service. We measure the existing space, prior to order, meet for a consultation to discuss your project and using our specialized design software, design your new kitchen. We deliver detailed 2D elevations and very cool 3D color renderings. Our goal is to give you the best representation possible. We leave nothing to assumption. Once your plans are complete we will generate an IKEA shopping list. The list will be used to purchase the cabinetry at IKEA.

Getting Your Stuff & The Options

Having proven options is the key to a successful project. IKEA works differently at each location. Our location is IKEA Stoughton, MA. IKEA now offers online SEKTION Cabinetry purchasing. Beaulieu can either order directly online for you as part of our service or we can issue your login information that will give you access to the IKEA SEKTION list generation and you can order the cabinetry yourself. It’s all about having options. Ordering online or directly in the Stoughton, MA location, delivery is about 2 weeks to our shop. We have all cabinetry sent to our shop for assembly.

IKEA Assembly and Installation

Another great thing about IKEA is how well engineered their product is. The component parts, assembly hardware and instructions all packaged neatly just awaiting assembly. Assembling an IKEA kitchen can be a daunting task. Hundreds of boxes, thousands of fasteners, even for an experienced contractor it can be overwhelming. We consider the assembly as important as the cabinetry or cabinet installation itself. Assembling the cabinetry correctly, in our shop, on protected surfaces, ensures your IKEA cabinetry and furniture will arrive damage free and ready for installation.