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Custom Bathroom & Spa Showpiece

For this luxury bathroom, our client requested a natural, organic space with a whimsical touch. So we got creative. Backed by walnut panels, the golden wheatgrass provides a central focal point. The red birch cabinetry and glass tiles are reflected in the honed granite countertop. A coopered paneled façade gives the bathtub unexpected levity. Even the drawers, made from recycled walnut beams, are inlaid with mother of pearl. 

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Custom Bathroom Cabinets

When it comes to bathrooms, we are always thinking about how your cabinetry will look and perform over years of constant use. Design is another key consideration, since bathrooms pack a lot of function into a small space. That is why we take the time to consider the role of complex mechanic and electrical systems, the correct selection of materials and the beauty and balance of your room. This is work that is built to endure.

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